Tuesday, March 29, 2005

jesus rose from the dead the other day

and I think that deserves a new poem:

The Nopar King

hauls any kind junk up the precipices and down the switchbacks. The mountainous numeral of his kingdom, bigger than two
living whales. Two living whales. The tall grass tries to jump out of fear of or maybe reverence to the king, but roots don’t
like the taste of air so it just looks wind-whipped. He never notices. If it were actually windy grit would swirl mouthwards
and he’d catch a taste of dirt. Enough to make a body remember. The trepid minions quarry chunks of refuge from hydrants
and mailboxes. What they don’t realize is how blue the king is sans queen. He compensates. Tiny lachrymose sighs.
Painting his name redly all over his dominion.

I like how the lines broke in my blogger window...
Hoping it breaks that way for you, too.

New tattoo. It's a big one. Don't tell mom.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

mountainous numeral

I love spam subject lines.

In trying to list all the presidents, these are the ones I forgot:

Chester Arthur
Dwight Eisenhower (to my credit, I was all, "Who was the president in the fifties? God! Why can't I think of his name?" F'real.)
William Harding
William Henry Harrison
Benjamin Harrison (really didn't think much of those Harrisons evidently)
Rutherford B. Hayes
John Tyler
Zachary Taylor
James Monroe

I also love the names of the people my spams come from. I really want there to be a President Terminus Geiger.

Monday, March 14, 2005

happy pi day

(to the tune of holland 1945 by neutral milk hotel)

there is a mystery to me
in every circle that i see
a mystery that can be found
if you just take the distance 'round
and put it over distance 'cross
divide to get the ratio
the answer leaves me at a loss

the number that we see is pi
three point one four one five nine
and even more if i had time
my decimal that never dies

and now we must look through history
people wondered what this pi could be
even the bible guesses three
not close enough for me

archimedes had a guess
twenty-two sevenths was his best
and don't forget ancient chinese
with three five five over one thirteen
these numbers didn't quite align
and now we know with all our might
a fraction never could be right

the number that i love is pi
three point one four one five nine
and even more if i had time
my decimal that never dies

and here is the number pi
three point one four one five nine two six five
three five eight nine seven nine
three two three eight two six four six two three

and i'm so glad to see
the world agree
pi's as irrational as can be
let's sing the praises of my favorite number

Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm more of a "leg dancer" than an "arm dancer"

This weekend was my initiation to the monthly dance event New Wave City. How I love to dance. How I'll just keep dancing if the music is good. How I did that this weekend. I can't remember the last time I danced with such abandon and stamina. Dang.

I also learned from some kind people at KQED this weekend how to use iMovie to make a short film using just still photos, an audio track extracted from a video recording and iTunes. It's ludicrously easy. A few months back I saw the film Tarnation, which was made entirely in iMovie and I was all dang, what a feat. Now I'm all, if you've got the patience and the periferals, you too can be a filmmaker. Apple is putting really powerful arts tools into the hands of the masses, and by masses I mean those who can afford new computers, but in any case I think it's a good thing. Of course it allows for a glut of crap, but what are you gonna do.

Currently writing a paper about gestalt and Marianne Moore. Mostly I just like to use the word gestalt.